DevOps Engineering

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Empowering Your Projects with Cutting-Edge DevOps Tools & Technologies

Customized DevOps Strategy

Deploy automated infrastructure provisioning and utilize Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for scalable, repeatable, and consistent environments with tools like Terraform and Ansible.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Set up and fine-tune CI/CD pipelines for efficient software release cycles, leveraging tools such as Jenkins and GitLab CI/CD.

Cloud Services Management

Seamlessly migrate to, set up, and optimize cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, enhancing your business agility and scalability.

Containerization & Orchestration

Utilize Docker for container solutions and Kubernetes for orchestration, ensuring scalable and efficient application deployments.

Monitoring & Logging

Implement comprehensive system and application health monitoring with tools like Prometheus and Grafana, and maintain detailed logs using the ELK Stack.

Performance Optimization

Fine-tune your applications and infrastructure for peak performance, integrating load balancing and optimizing databases for enhanced user experiences.

Version Control & Collaboration

Manage and maintain Git repositories while integrating collaboration tools like Slack and Jira, promoting team cohesion and effective project management.

Security & Compliance

Incorporate security best practices throughout the DevOps cycle, conducting compliance checks and leveraging tools like HashiCorp Vault.

Database Management & Automation:

Ensure efficient database operations from setup, replication to backups with platforms like MySQL and MongoDB.

Serverless Architectures

Design and manage serverless applications and functions for optimized scalability and reduced overhead using AWS Lambda or Azure Functions.

Microservices Architecture

Transition to or implement microservices, enabling your applications to scale seamlessly and efficiently.

Configuration Management

Maintain product consistency and performance through state-of-the-art configuration management tools like Chef and Ansible.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Design robust backup strategies and ensure your applications and services remain highly available and resilient to failures.


Embed security practices within DevOps, emphasizing continuous security checks, code scanning, and vulnerability assessments.

Training & Consultation

Empower teams with training on DevOps best practices and offer strategic consultation for businesses seeking a DevOps transformation.

Emergency Application Triage & Repair

Experience swift and adept recovery with our 24/7 Emergency Application Triage & Repair services, designed to address and resolve disruptions affecting your applications, websites, or platforms, ensuring operational continuity and sustained customer trust.

solutions offered

Empower Your Operations with Our DevOps Solutions

Infrastructure Setup

Setting up and configuring servers and networks to meet the application requirements. This includes security setups like firewalls and VPNs, to ensure smooth and secure operations.

Cloud Migration

Moving applications or databases from on-premise to a cloud provider, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness, and resolving any arising compatibility issues.


Implementing Docker for application deployment and Kubernetes for container orchestration, enabling smoother deployments, scaling, and operations.

Automated Testing

Developing and incorporating automated testing frameworks and scripts to validate code and functionalities before deployment, ensuring software reliability and quality.

Monitoring Setup

Implementing comprehensive monitoring solutions like Prometheus for real-time insight into applications and infrastructure health, performance, and security.

Application Deployment

Deploying applications in production, configuring load balancing, and scaling to meet demand while ensuring optimal performance and availability.

Configuration Management

Implementing configuration management tools like Ansible or Chef to automate and standardize configurations across different environments.

Serverless Setup

Developing and deploying serverless architectures and functions, optimizing configurations for better performance and cost-effectiveness.

Chef Automation Setup

Implementing Chef to automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment, enabling consistency and scalability across the environments.

Kubernetes Cluster Setup

Installing, configuring, and managing Kubernetes clusters for container orchestration, allowing for scalable, manageable, and resilient application deployments.

Ansible Automation Setup

Leveraging Ansible for automating app deployment, configuration management, and orchestration, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.

Microservices Deployment

Implementing a microservices architecture and deploying individual services, improving scalability, fault isolation, and development speed.

Terraform Infrastructure Coding

Utilizing Terraform to write infrastructure as code, enabling the provisioning and management of infrastructure in a predictable and manageable way

Puppet Configuration Management

Implementing Puppet for configuration management, automating the provisioning, and configuration of servers to enhance consistency and scalability.

AWS Lambda Setup

Configuring AWS Lambda for running backend functions in a serverless environment, reducing operational overhead and cost.

Azure Resource Manager Template Deployment

Deploying ARM templates to automate the creation and management of resources in Azure, ensuring consistency and repeatability.

Google Cloud Function Setup

Implementing Google Cloud Functions for executing event-driven functions, enabling scalable and cost-effective computing solutions.

Docker Swarm Setup

Configuring Docker Swarm for container orchestration, managing the deployment, scaling, and networking of Docker containers.

CI/CD with GitLab CI

Integrating GitLab CI for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, automating the software release process.

OpenShift Deployment

Deploying and configuring OpenShift for container orchestration and management, providing a scalable and secure application hosting environment.

CI/CD with CircleCI

Integrating CircleCI for continuous integration and continuous delivery, automating testing and deployment processes.

Jenkins X for Kubernetes CI/CD

Setting up Jenkins X to automate CI/CD on Kubernetes, accelerating software delivery in Kubernetes environments.

Performance Tuning

Evaluating and optimizing application and database performance by addressing existing bottlenecks and enhancing resource utilization.

Vagrant Environment Setup

Configuring Vagrant to create and manage virtual development environments, enabling consistent development setups.

Bare Metal to Virtual Migration

Migrating services from bare metal servers to virtualized environments or containers, improving scalability and manageability.

Remote Work Setup and Optimization

Setting up and optimizing remote work solutions to support distributed teams, ensuring connectivity, collaboration, and security.

IAM (Identity and Access Management) Setup

Configuring IAM solutions to manage user identities and access permissions, ensuring security and compliance with organizational policies.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Implementation

Implementing SSO solutions to simplify user access to multiple applications, enhancing user experience and security.

Custom Script Development

Creating custom automation and integration scripts to address specific needs and streamline operations.

API Gateway Setup and Configuration

Implementing API Gateways to manage, secure, and scale API calls, optimizing the performance and security of backend services.

Vault for Secret Management

Implementing HashiCorp Vault for managing secrets and protecting sensitive data, ensuring security and compliance.

Splunk for Log Analysis

Configuring Splunk for analyzing and visualizing machine data, aiding in troubleshooting and monitoring.

Load Balancing Setup

Configuring load balancers to distribute network or application traffic across multiple servers, ensuring availability and reliability.

API Development & Integration

Developing and integrating APIs to enable communication between different software components, enhancing functionality, and interoperability.

Selenium Automation for Testing

Developing Selenium scripts for automating browser-based testing, ensuring the functionality and reliability of web applications.

AI/Machine Learning Integration

Integrating AI/ML models and solutions into existing systems to leverage data for predictive analytics, automation, and enhanced user experiences.

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